Assisted Living Lincoln NE

Assured Assisted Living homes are not only homes for seniors however they operate using a passion to serve people suffering from various memory impairment problems for example Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, stroke, disorientation, memory loss, etc. The founder, Ms. Sheryl Thompson, is really a rn and her mission to help people experiencing dementia disorders started when her very own father was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. She remarked that people like her father required homes that offered family kind of atmosphere and experience under proper supervision. She established Assured Assisted Living Homes back with her husband, John Thompson there are 7 homes at the moment. Five turn out situated in Castle Rock, Colorado and two have reached Parker, Colorado. The assisted living Parker homes would be the right spot for all your family members suffering from memory disorders.

Assisted Living Lincoln NE

The first home was established at 4837, Wagontrail Court, Parker, CO 80104 in South Parker. A home is off Parker Road inside the breathtaking 'Pradera' golf course community. The second assisted living Parker home is at 10139, Riverstone Drive, Parker, CO 80134 in North Parker, off Lincoln Avenue within the enchanting 'Stonegate' community. Both homes have a very high staff ratio to make certain personal attention for each and every resident. The employees members are trained and experienced in memory care and so they provide loving and protective want to all the residents.

Alzheimers Care Lincoln NE

Assured Assisted Living Parker homes provide a homely environment in residential communities, in order that the inmates don't even feel they are far from their houses. They like the liberty of life on their own concentrating on the same kind of people. The homes offer various types of activities for them to have them engaged and develop more self-control. The quiet and tranquil environment from the homes makes sure that the medication needs from the elders are kept to the minimum. A health care provider or perhaps a physician assistant visits the homes twice a week to observe continuously the health of the residents. Other services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dental visits, podiatry visits, etc. are also arranged within the homes whenever necessary.

Memory impaired elders require assistance in lots of daily routine activities including bathing, grooming, eating, taking medications, etc. The team of expert staff in assisted living Parker homes makes sure that there exists a genuine touch of love once they render such assist with the seniors in these homes. They treat all of the residents based due to them so the dementia patients maintain their self-esteem. The homes also provide end of life Hospice service. Hence, there is certainly take care of memory disorder patients until their last breath in assisted living Parker homes.

Lincoln Nebraska Memory Care

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